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The commodity is trading at decade-low prices, raising questions about whether some.Over the past five quarters, the company has grown fuel sales by more than 22% every quarter.Natural gas production has been on the upswing for several years in the United States and globally, and so has trading in natural gas.Florida utility to invest in natural gas wells to fuel power plants - Read this Platts electric power news article here.

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UNG, which is the most-traded natural gas ETF, invests in futures contracts for the commodity.Last year, the Department of Energy forecasted that 90% of all new electricity generating capacity nationwide would be fueled by natural gas.Clean Energy Fuels Corp. ( NASDAQ:CLNE ) stock had fallen as much as that of the equipment makers.

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There are several ways to invest in natural gas, including, but not limited to, buying stock in.

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Management, while refusing to commit to a hard deadline, has indicated that the company is likely to reach adjusted EBITDA positive cash flow in about a year.Get detailed information about Natural Gas Futures including Price, Charts, Technical Analysis, Historical data, Reports and more.

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Quantum Fuel Systems Tech Worldwide, all of which have seen their stocks fall significantly over the past 18 months.

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These facilities (which represent the biggest industry spending binge in two decades) will have a hungry appetite for natural gas once they come online.More assertive clients can invest in some of the beaten-down natural-gas company stocks.Natural gas is fast becoming one of the largest sources of power generation in the United States, for residential and commercial heating and cooling systems, in.Probably the best way is direct as a commodity, as you bypass all the research concerning a.

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American natural gas was cheap compared with almost anywhere else in the world, even before prices began falling last year.

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Even many energy companies have divested natural gas assets.And between 15% and 20% of my personal portfolio is weighted toward these stocks as well.

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Now is a great time to invest in the early stages of that growth.

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With that in mind, the three companies all offer something a little different.But there are some ways to play a potential natural gas rebound.The fundamental parameters of natural gas - demand, supply and reserves.The shale gas revolution has unlocked an abundance of clean-burning.

As it stands, the latest report from the U.S. Department of Energy shows that natural gas stockpiles rose 28 billion cubic feet in the week ended April 27 to 2.576 trillion cubic feet.Regional Potential: Natural gas deposits are well positioned.Invest in a Natural Gas Future The transition from coal to gas is going to be big.

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Rockefeller the richest man in history (adjusted for inflation).The Motley Fool owns shares of Chart Industries and Westport Innovations.Larsen, CEO and Chairman. Mr. Larsen, an economic geologist, more than 35 years of experience in the oil and gas natural resources.

The most direct method of investing in natural gas is by trading futures contracts on one of the designated commodities exchanges.But production has increased at twice that rate, climbing 24%, with output touching 63 billion cubic feet per day last year.

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You can collect unrivaled profits in the energy sector, which means knowing how to invest in natural gas today with these stocks.British Columbia is best known for its beautiful mountain views and world.

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To speed up the process, Chesapeake Energy (NYSE: CHK ) and others are actually curtailing over a billion of cubic feet of gas production per day until prices rebound.

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That shrunk the withdrawals that are customary in winter, so we entered the spring with a record supply surplus.

Mutual fund overview for First Trust Natural Gas ETF (FCG), from MarketWatch.I would like to buy into natural gas as I view it as a solid investment for the next few years.The pace has been hard on equipment manufacturers such as Westport Innovations.In June 2014, NextEra Energy announced it would invest in natural gas production in Florida.Adoption of natural gas for transportation has been slow-going.On the supply side, virtually every energy producer large and small is cutting back or even abandoning dry gas fields and directing drilling and exploration expenditures toward more oil-oriented plays.