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The latest Commitments of Traders report from the U.S. Commodity Futures.Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) accused oil companies and Wall Street speculators Thursday of using the recent crisis in Iraq as an excuse to artificially.

Whether it was speculators that drove up the cost of gas and oil is still.There is of course no way that the orders represented by all those futures contracts could be met.

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A National Airline Policy is good for passengers, airline employees, businesses and shippers, and investors.They make a respectable profit on what is in effect an insurance function, and a killing in years of drought, flood, and war.

Because the Bush administration did to the commodities market what it did to housing.As well as oil company CEOs, traders in commodity futures have become convenient whipping boys for politicians of both parties in the.Sen. Bernie Sanders says forget about the laws of supply and demand: Wall Street oil speculation is behind rising gas prices.

An analyst late Friday warned that oil prices could be headed for more declines.Speculators may have an influence on oil prices, but a Societe Generale analysis of U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission shows that an important.

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To avoid catastrophic global warming, we will be obliged to reengineer the country, from housing to transport to forests, and also to develop and export the technologies required for the rest of the world to do likewise.Blame the speculators (No, really) Remember when speculators were getting blamed for high oil prices.Requiring speculators to put up more cash when placing bets would slow the activity down.THE drastic rise in the price of oil and gasoline is in part the result of forces beyond our control: as high-growth countries like China and India.

Do they explain the absolutely stratospheric price of copper.Subject: With Oil Speculators Blitzing, the Fed Needs to Call an Interest-Rate Reverse Play.

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A Recently Bankrupt Coal Company Is Being Honored at Mar-a Lago.Oil Speculators Dominate Open Interest In Oil Futures Date: August 27, 2009 Source: Rice University Summary: A new policy paper shows a clear increase in.

For Saudi Arabia and perhaps Russia the matter is simpler: Oil stays in the ground, and the oil not sold boosts the price of the oil that is.

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Speculators increased bullish bets for the first time in seven weeks, a move that came too early in a market that continues to slide.

Rounding up the speculators sounds almost as appealing as killing all the lawyers.Speculators and Commodity Prices—Redux Commissioner Bart Chilton.Policy makers on both sides of the Atlantic launched an effort to crack down on what they called speculation in oil markets, underscoring concerns that a.Writing in the New York Times last week, Joseph Kennedy (D-MA) explained why he believes that speculators are responsible for the high price that we.Speculation is the purchase of an asset (a commodity, goods, or real estate) with the hope that it will become more valuable at a future date.The possibility of war with Iran has oil speculators buzzing.

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The recent spike in oil prices has been blamed on, among other things, speculators trying to make a buck.For the first time in the history of the virtual currency, a single Bitcoin has become worth more than an ounce of gold.

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This system works reasonably well so long as speculators do not actually control or manipulate prices.On March 16, 2011, I spoke to an industry group concerning the.

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A long-standing major price bottom is unlikely until this group.First, vast sums of money are flowing through regulatory loopholes into the commodities markets, particularly for oil.Early in the next administration, Congress must slam shut the Enron and swaps loopholes.Do they explain the historic price hikes in rice, corn, and wheat, leading to hunger in the developing world.Now, thanks to our 30-year infatuation with free markets, the controls are off, and the mad gamblers are at it again.